1. E-cigarettes are not what they used to be. If you google e-cigarette-images- you might find a picture of a product that looks a lot like an actual cigarette.  But most who have tried this product will tell you, it’s not all that effective in the fight against smoking and most vape stores likely don’t even carry them.   We are on to far bigger and better things, things that actually work in the effort to kick the habit.   Today’s products are much more than those first “e-cigarettes” and have proven far more successful in helping people quit.


  1.  E-juice or E-liquid really is as simple as 4 ingredients.   First Vegetable Glycerine, made from plant oils.  Plants that we eat every day.  Next is propylene glycol, found in asthma and other inhalers and perfectly safe to inhale when vaporized.   3rd is flavourings.  If you’ve ever eaten food you are no stranger to flavourings.  The flavourings used in ejuice are of food grade quality and perfectly safe. (I cannot speak for all ejuice but definitely the ones we sell, and any reputable brands).  Finally we have pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.   No chemicals, no other secret ingredients.   That is truly all there is.   Juice makers play around with the ratios of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol and of course the what-and-how-much on the flavours and what is born is any number of tastes to suit any vaper.   The nicotine level you choose to vape is a personal choice and can be reduced as the addiction subsides.  Most hard core smokers can get themselves down to very minimal nicotine levels pretty quickly.    So why is vaping so much better than smoking?   Because cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals and over 50 of them are known to cause cancer.  Over 50!   Cigarettes are known to contain ingredients like arsenic, acetone and cyanide just to name a few and kill 6 million people a year.

  1. The Big Question. Is vaping safe?   The government would like you to believe that no one is studying this.  This is truly false information.   There are a number of studies out there on the subject.   Especially in the UK where vaping is far older.   I’m posting a couple of links.  I could type for pages and pages on this subject but I would rather the experts tell you.  Please read these pages and feel free to search more on the subject as well.   There are pages and pages of info about it out there. Now of course, doing neither smoking nor vaping is the 100% safest option, but sometimes kicking the habit can be such a daunting task that this is definitely a great alternative. 





  1. Just like our good friend “the government” we don’t want minors buying these either. We, and most other vape stores, will tell you- we are here to help people quit smoking.  That’s it.   While some amount of regulation may be necessary to prevent subpar products from reaching the consumer and to prevent any Joe blow from selling that subpar product, we feel that it is an incredibly important step in the fight against smoking and the product itself really does work.   Vape stores do not sell to minors, and do not allow them in the store.   So that means only people looking to quit or those of age that are already vaping are granted access.    Seems reasonable to me!


I hope this answers some of the most commonly asked questions about vaping.   When you are ready to quit smoking, come and see us.  We are here to help you every step of the way.