Hades Mechanical Mod (Clone)


Hades Mechanical Mod (Clone)

Many phrases have been thrown around to describe the Hades Mechanical Mod and the most common one you’ll find is Powerful. From the moment you first use the Hades Mechanical Mod, you can feel the difference. Making use of a 26650mah Battery, the Hades is telling you ahead of time that it’s not joking around when it’s giving you 3 hours of battery life (through continuous use) at full blast. The Hades Mechanical Mod has silver plated brass contacts and contains six vent holes all around the body, taking good care of the battery. The Hades Mechanical Mod has been making itself known on many vaping circles, and it’s with good reason. Experiencing it will do you better than reading abot it, so don’t miss out on what’s quickly became one of the most praised mech mods to be found.

Notable Features

  • Six Vent Holes Around The Body
  • Uses a 26650mah Battery
  • Up to 3 hours of Battery Life In Use
  • Silver Plated Brass Contacts
  • 510 Threading
  • Completely Analog
  • Easy to Use Reverse Locking Ring

Technical Specifications

  • Threading – 510
  • Length – 98 mm
  • Width – 31 mm

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